Anonymous said: Do you believe in soul mates? Why or why not?


I tend to see it like this: we are all walking around with a vibration in our chests, a sort of humming, not one that we can hear or see but a frequency emanates for a deep place in is. If two people come together with the same frequency it amplifies it. If they have two frequencies that compliment each other say a G note and a C note, for all the music people out there, they sound in harmony. If two people come together that have slightly different frequencies it just doesn’t work, they use the word dissonance to describe it. So applying this to the concept of soul mates, there can be someone of the sex you find attractive that has this complimentary frequency to yours, you might meet only one of them in your lifetime and you just feel special around them, your love inside is amplified, but there may be many others that you are a “perfect” match for you, people that have your complimentary frequency, you just might not ever come in contact with them. They might be in Europe while your in the States. So to say that there is one person, one mate for our soul, seems like a concept that applied a long time ago when we were only able to come in physical contact with a smaller number of people. Our great great great grandparents didn’t have planes and cars so they could only come in contact with a small number of people and if they found a frequency that complimented their own in this small number of people they would assume that this is the only person for them, that there souls are destined to be together. I think that with our modern transportation and the internet that this soul mate concept in the classical sense doesn’t apply anymore. We can travel meet many more people today that our forefathers did.

This finding of a person that compliments you at a deep level is a very special thing and I don’t mean to simplify it and make is sound like it isn’t special. It is a truly a great thing and not something that should be brushed off, I just feel that there are possible thousands of people that you could find this complimentary frequency with, so I do not believe that there is this one true soul mate for everyone.

I will have to end with this. I said we all have a different frequency, but in order to get a frequency something has to vibrate. We are that which makes the vibration, we are the space that allows the vibration to be there, so we all share something deeper than what we show the world (our individual frequency) this is how we are one. Frequencies come from the guitar strings but without the whole guitar there are is no sound. We are all the guitar, we are just playing different notes.

I hope this makes sense and helps you understand how I see it.



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